Since May 2021, KogeCoin and KogeFarm have been on a whirlwind ride. As one of the oldest yield optimizers on Polygon, we've managed to get a lot done but we still have a long way to go.
Other than our ongoing tasks like consistently adding new high-yield vaults, take a look at what we have planned in the near future.‌

Q4 2021

  • Partnerships - Due to the success of various partnerships, we will continue to investigate more ways to collaborate with other projects.
  • Multichain auto-compounding - Continued pursuit of expanding KogeFarm to other chains. We will be adding the MoonRiver and Fantom chains as our first chain outside of Polygon.
  • More blog content - With the addition of an experienced content creator, we will continue to focus on regular blog posts to provide educational content and resources.
  • Stronger focus on mainstream - We will begin to pursue and include more stable coin offerings yet continue to provide the degen, extremely-high APY % vaults we're known for.
    • This includes adding a "landing page" to KogeFarm.io for first time users.
    • This also includes adding single-asset lending vaults that are easier for beginners to understand. The Strategies are under development and to the extent they include complicated coding involving leverage, they will be audited before deployment.
    • Finally, we will participate in ImmuneDefi's bug bounty program as a third layer of protection (beyond our two audits!).
  • Marketing - We will focus on developing an official marketing strategy and begin executing that strategy.

Q1 2022 and Beyond!

  • Expand to new chains
  • Potential NFTs (in discussions)