You're secure with KogeFarm.
To ensure the funds of all our users stay secure, we take a two-stage approach at security; by designing our contracts as trustless and hiring professional auditors.

Trustless Contracts

From the ground up, KogeFarm vaults were designed to take every precaution possible to create trustless contracts. A trustless contract prevents malicious hackers (and even us) from withdrawing your funds at any time. Every KogeFarm contract was designed to prevent any access at all except for the depositor.
For example, no KogeFarm contracts have a migrate() function. Although commonly used, the existence of a migrate() function could be one method for a malicious hacker (or even us) to drain funds from a contract. Without this function, even if a hacker were to obtain the KogeFarm contracts' admin keys, they would only be able to increase the fee on rewards (up to 10%) or stop compounding by emergency withdrawing from the source farm.
In contrast, many other yield optimizers allow admins to migrate LPs, often under a time lock. But, experience has shown that a time lock is not a guarantee of safety as it often goes unmonitored.
KogeFarm contracts were designed to not have any ability but our users to remove funds in any way.


Don't just believe our work; believe the two professional audit firms that have audited our contracts. KogeFarm contracts have been audited by both Obelisk (auditors of PolyCat) and Paladin which found relatively minor issues which were resolved.