Requesting New Vaults

If you'd like to see your favorite farm auto-compounded on KogeFarm, understand how KogeFarm handles vault requests.
KogeFarm adds vaults nearly every single week based on a number of factors. One way we add new vaults is by community request. If you don't see a vault on KogeFarm you'd like, you're always welcome to suggest new vaults via mentioning it on Telegram.

Vault Requirements

We cannot create a vault for every farm out there. We require all vaults to meet a set of minimum requirements before we can consider them based on various factors.
All farms should meet the following guidelines at the time of request. Farms that don't meet these guidelines have traditionally been unproductive from a time and financial cost perspective.
Farm APR
Farm TVL
< 50%
> $5M
50 - 2000%
$500K - $5M
> 2000%
< $500K


The above APR/TVL table is not a hard and fast rule but general guidelines we follow. We may add a vault for a farm that doesn't adhere to the above guidelines due to:
  • Recently-launched stablecoin farms with lots of marketing buzz
  • Farms that many of our competitors are adding.
  • Farms with referral bonuses we can take advantage of.
  • Farms part of a techical partnership with a farming platform.
  • Overwhelming community demand (> 1M votes)

How KogeFarm Prioritizes New Vaults

To ensure we add vaults with the most potential reward, we must prioritize their creation. We prioritize vault creation in the following order:
  1. 1.
    Technical partnerships with farming platforms - If we establish a deal with a farm platform that requires one or more vaults, we will always create these first.
  2. 2.
    "Hot" farms - If a farm is clearly generating lots of marketing buzz, competitors begin to add them and a farm's TVL is quickly rising.
  3. 3.
    DAO requests by the number of Yes votes - If a vault request meets our guidelines described above, we will create vaults based on the total number of Yes votes.
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