Introduction to KogeFarm

Get to know KogeFarm.
KogeFarm is a low-fee, multi-chain yield aggregator/optimizer that automates reward harvesting and yield compounding across hundreds of farms from dozens of yield farm platforms. It was launched in May 2021 on the Polygon chain and is quickly expanding to others.
The KogeFarm platform brings together hundreds of yield farming opportunities in one place and automates away the hassle of manually harvesting reward tokens.
Once a user deposits funds into a vault, KogeFarm begins automatically harvesting rewards for you. It's able to amplify your yield by not only harvesting reward tokens but also using that reward token to add liquidity to the underlying liquidity pool thus increasing your stake in the farm.
KogeFarm is a double-audited platform by both Obellisk and Paladin providing a secure experience for all our users.
Last modified 1yr ago